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Our InfinityGlove was featured in CNA documentary - Gaming Nation

May 18, 2021, 12:30 PM SGT ON CNA

Xian, a professional eSports gamer tries on the Infinity Glove and explores its potential to help in his training.

NUS researchers come up with glove that could replace keyboards and gamepads in gaming


"We’re long past the halcyon days of Nintendo’s Power Glove, but with the modern accessibility to virtual reality and other bleeding-edge tech concepts, developers are still trying to make glove-based video game controllers a thing. "

NUS team working on smart glove that can slay virtual foes and change presentation slides

AUG 20, 2020, 8:45 PM SGT on straitstimes

At a work meeting, you flex your index finger in a horizontal direction to change a presentation slide to the next one on a screen metres away without using a keyboard or a remote clicker and you rotate your wrist to go back to previous slides when needed.

Dr Yeo Joo Chuan being interviewed by CNA FOR InfinityGlove

25-27 Septemper 2019

Introduce our business at Innovfest 2019 in Suzhou and Innospace in Shanghai, China.

25 June 2018

2nd Runner-up at the 2nd China (Shenzhen Luohu) Innovation Entrepreneurship International Competition

17 Nov 2017

 Microtubular sensor is featured in various media. NUS NewsIEEE GlobalSpecNew ElectronicsBiotechin.AsiaECN MagScience Daily,, News, BioSpectrum Asia.

30 Sep 2017

Receiving the Most Innovative Award in Engineering Medical Innovation Global Competition 2017 in Taipei, Taiwan

19 Sep 2017

Microtubular sensor is presented during the Global HIT Challenge 2017 at Marina Bay Sands.

20 May 2017

Receiving the Gold Award during the BES 11th Scientific Meeting 2017